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Teacher, Instructor and Professor

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Due to an injury, Dr. Turrentine is not offering these services.
Preceptor For Physicians

Dr. Turrentine will travel to your office or hospital to teach you MIVH or any other minimally invasive surgical procedure. Please contact your Johnson & Johnson Endo Ethicon Surgery, Inc. representative. The surgical representative will arrange Dr. Turrentine’s travel and visit to your hospital operating room.

Instructor for Physicians

Dr. Turrentine will arrange private tutoring for any physician wanting to pass the OB/GYN specialty board. It is recommended that you purchase Dr. Turrentine’s book, Clinical Protocols in Obstetrics and Gynecology-3rd Edition prior to arranging a visit. If oral boards are planned, it is recommended that Dr. Turrentine’s book, Surgical Transcriptions and Pearls in Obstetrics and Gynecology-2nd Edition also be purchased. To arrange a visit, call 706 218-4096. If no answer, please leave message. Costs depend on travel, board, and length of sessions desired.


Dr. Turrentine will substitue-fill in for temporary absence of professors in OB/Gyn, History, and/or Religious Studies.

Robotic Instructor

Dr. Turrentine also teaches minimally invasive procedures at J&J Endo Surgery in Cincinatti. His specialty is MIVH using no incisions or intra abdominal gas insufflation. It is the quickest mode of surgery and recovery of ALL the hysterectomy options. However, he also teaches both laparoscopic minimally invasive procedures and robotic surgeries. Turrentine uses the da Vinci Surgical System and teaches this procedure since its inception. The advantages of MIVH are the best, however, Turrentine says that the robotic surgery is the second best option if there is some reason that a patient can not undergo MIVH.

Advantages are less pain, quicker healing, and less blood loss. The advantage of robotic surgery can really be seen in precision surgery such as reattachment of fallopian tubes and other precision type surgical procedures. The robot affords magnified 3D visualization, increasing precision using the microinstruments, and improved access to the organs, tissues, and nerves.

Turrentine was one of the first gynecological surgeons in the country to use the robot and has taught the procedure to other physicians for several years since retiring from active private practice.