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History Instruction 2

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Dr. Turrentine, having earned a PhD in History, provides schools, colleges, universities, and civic clubs the opportunity to bring history alive. He dramatizes characters such as Paul Revere, Robert E. Lee, Elijah Clarke and others.

Paul Revere - In this first person character, Dr. Turrentine teaches about the causes and the significant events of the American Revolution along with the contributions that Paul Revere made to it.

Ensign George Gay
Dr. Turrentine, in first person as the only survivor of Torpedo Squadron #8, describes himself being shot down, losing his entire crew, and treading water in shark infested waters and avoiding being hunted by Japanese while he watched the Battle of Midway unfold during World War II.

General Robert E. Lee
Dr. Turrentine, as Lee, describes the causes of the War of Northern Aggression along with his personal experiences as the respected General throughout his battles and his difficult decisions.

Dr. Charles E. Lining
Dr. Turrentine role plays this surgeon of the CSA Shenandoah in which he describes his experiences on the most successful cruiser of the Confederate Navy.

Dr. Turrentine also discusses the history of medicine and surgery as it leads up to and into the War of Northern Aggression.

Elijah Clarke
Dr. Turrentine plays the part of Lt. Col. Elijah Clarke of the Georgia Militia during the American Revolutionary War. Clarke was the hero of the Battle of Kettle Creek, fought many battles and even started his own country after the war. Through Clarke's character, Dr. T discussed famous Georgians, South and North Carolinians, and how the war was won in the southern colonies by such men as Clarke, Pickens, Dooley, Marion, Morgan, Greene, "Light Horse Harry" Lee, and others.

Dr. Turrentine is also associated with the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution), DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), and SCV (Sons of the Confederate Veterans) so other characters can be available too.
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