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Water Babies
Elkin Obstetrician leads the way offering women alternative birthing method... Full Article

"We’re just real excited about this," said Janet Blankenship, 25, from her bed on the obstetrics floor of Chatham Hospital last Monday. "It’s like -- instant family!"... Full Article

New Year's Twins
Television coverage centers in Elkin to record a rare event: twins whose births are split by the start of the new year. "I’ve delivered some 6,500 babies and a lot of those were twins, but this is the first time I’ve delivered twins a year apart," Turrentine said with a smile.... Full Article

It’s not necessarily a miracle John Turrentine’s nasty motorcycle crash 32 years ago will be re-enacted this fall on a national television program. Yes, the Dalton doctor’s real-life story was picked out of 1,000 entries in a special Pax Television promotion, but the real miracle is that Turrentine is alive to talk about it... Full Article

Best Doctor
Elkin’s Dr. John Turrentine has given a lot of children in this area their first spankings, but that didn’t stop people from voting him the best doctor in the Tri-County Area... Full Article

Heroption (Alternative to Balloon Surgery)
Office-based treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding. An alternative to hystercetomy that is perfomed in Dr. Turrentine's office. For heavy bleeding, it has an excellent cure rate of greater than 85%. Until recently, effective surgical control of uterine bleeding depended on hospital-based procedures (most notably, hysterectomy or hysteroscopic endometrial ablation)... Full Article

Turrentine developed a new hysterectomy process they called MIVH, Minimally Invasive Vaginal Hysterectomy to combat the negative side of the procedure... Full Article